Thursday, June 30, 2011


Birds are awesome, that's a fact. Gotta love those strong gestures!

Sketches from the Natural History Museum in Göteborg.
What can I say, stuffed animals make great models, as opposed to living birds:

Those are sketches from life -- damn those critters are fast. ;)
While sketching I tried to remember how Disney's birds looked like, but I was out so I couldn't really check them out. I relied on a vague memory and, well, a feeling of them -- which, I suppose, it's all what gesture drawing should be all about anyway.
By the way, kudos to Disney and his animators for creating birds everyone remembers, even if they never paid any attention to them. ;)

Pencil drawings

Few of my 2 hour ("short" ;)) poses from the Academy.

I wish I had more stuff from last trimester scanned, but I will scan them at some point!

Charcoal long poses

These are 4 out of 6 long pose drawings I've done so far at the Academy.

Each long pose is drawn with charcoal on a white 44x66cm sheet of paper and took ~75 hours (5 weeks, 3 hours a day) to make.

Madeleine (2nd long pose)

Mara (3rd long pose)

Aaron (4th long pose)

Evelina (5th long pose)

It's fun to watch them for me, I do feel like I've made progress at achieving a better sense of form and light effect, also, my technique has improved... or, should I say, I actually have a technique now, as opposed to what I had... or didn't have... before the Academy. ;)


My name is Anna K. Szalas and I come from Warsaw, Poland. I am happy you stumbled across my blog! It is entirely devoted to my artwork - school work, commissions, as well as personal pieces.

My primary interest lies in animation and I would love to pursue my professional carreer in this direction. However, having had read and heard many times that "life drawing is a foundation in animation", I decided to begin my formal art education by taking up studies at the Florence Academy of Art, a school of classical painting and drawing. Hence I am currently living in Göteborg, Sweden, where I just finished my first year in the programme.

I hope you will find my blog interesting to follow!

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