Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I am always inspired by certain roughness and primitive -- yet, in a way, sophisticated -- character of shamanic rituals and apparel. I love the fact these otherworldly traditions can be observed in just any part of the globe - from Lappland to Oceania - so the subject seems to be a limitless supply of inspiration to explore.  Following are sketches I did just to get things going, I am with all certainty going to develop this artistic research further. :)

I actually went quite far with developing the idea from the far right -- but it was digital, and the computer I was working at died, taking the work with it to the grave. I'm not giving up on it though, I will likely restart after I get my pc fixed. :)


Finally got around scanning some older works of mine.

I roughly titled this drawing "Awakening" (or rather, Polish "Przebudzenie") and it kinda stayed like that. It seems an adequately titled piece to submit after such long absence of updates.

pencil on toned paper, 21x30cm
a quick study of a tree branch
Will post more works soon!