Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dogs again

Doodlin' some imaginary dogs...

...aaaand my dog Spike. Sleeping as he often does.
It was really loads of fun to do these -- though I'm not too used to actual living animals as models to be honest. :) Gotta fix that! There's no natural history museum in Warsaw that has as many stuffed animals as the one in Goteborg so I suppose it's the universe's way of advising me to do more life drawings. :)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Model drawing

Since I've started working at Warsaw's Atelier Foksal this September I've been occasionally sneaking into some of the drawing classes to draw their model. Sometimes I could only attend for a short amount of time because I had to assist in classes taking place at the same time. But I'm always happy to be there no matter how long or short. :)

This wasn't actually in class, I drew this one off one of the sculptures at the Warsaw's National Gallery.
The sculpture is a bust of Antonina Krasińska e Czacka by Antonio d'Este from 1808. Or at least that's what I noted down.
That was a pretty loose and fast warm-up sketch I needed to wrap up quickly because I was needed elsewhere
And this was drawn the same day, after my classes, and I could take more time with it. It also helped that I studied it earlier with the previous sketch. :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

When in doubt, paint a princess

Today I've been having a hard time with a painting I've been recently working at. At some point I decided to screw it for now and use the leftover paint for a Snow White speedpaint (~15 mins).
Lately I've been in love with paintings that are build up with very soft brushstrokes and toned palette, like Auguste Renoir's or Olga Boznańska's (whose works I'm always so happy to see at Warsaw's National Gallery).

oil on canvas, 24x24cm
Hopefully later today it will be easier for me to work on the bigger project, but for now - lunch break. :)