Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bull guy!

Got loads of stuff I sorta never uploaded so I guess I should be finally posting them sometime this year?

Oh man, only now did I think of that it's a bull... with sorta lizard scales... and a thick coat... it's bullizard in a blizzard! ...I should go to sleep.

Fiddle fiddle fiddle

Fiddling around with one of the works from previous post :) Namely this one:


got a hold of new photoshop brushes... oh man, t'was fun!

why stop if you can keep on going and change stuff around!

fun fun work fun!I spent practically entire day in front of the computer screen so I'm pretty sure my brain is scrambled eggs... so I'm not gonna write anything more. Bye!

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Been fooling around with photoshop lately, trying to capture various locations!
It's a bunch of ideas not following any particular pattern, I mostly just wanted to try things out. :) I've been under a heavy influence of video games' concept art lately. I'm not only very much inspired by various works, I'm also trying to learn as much as I can from them. Getting as much information into a piece in possibly clearest and simplest ways, putting the mood across... that sort of jazz :)

Continuation of an oil sketch I did back in Switzerland -- I decided to play around with oils a bit more, then moved on to photoshop
And another Narasca sketch gone loose and digital :) Tried to get a fresh foggy morning vibe in it
I found a painting sketch I did way back in February or so, decided to give it a digital refresh :)
I actually found this process the easiest -- painting something in traditional media, then 'shopping it up. I feel much more in control and confident with colors when they're in a material form. :)
Mountains... Not too happy with it but I decided I rather worked on more interesting stuff rather than put more time into this.
Having fun with a horror/zombie apocalypse feel :D
This one is a huge let down... It felt like it's gonna be a nice piece but I just can't get it to work to the point of currently giving up upon it -- gotta give my eyes and brain a rest from it before I will want to get back to it :)

Wooden tree houses are overrated, tree cottages are the new black.
Drawing this was a lot of fun!
 Anyway, hope you liked these :)