Saturday, August 31, 2013

Atelier Narasca

Earlier in August I came back from a four week apprenticeship under Patrick Devonas and Dorian Iten at Atelier Narasca (in beautiful Surava, Switzerland)... it was an amazing experience. Not only did I gain a bunch of art wisdom - I also had the best time just being there with those guys (and Esther Gnädinger, yet another artist in the house)! They are incredible artists, great teachers and simply awesome people, so spending time there was certainly a treat.
During my stay there I mostly focused on The Big Painting. It took vast majority of my time and attention. However I still did some drawing/painting sketches (and even a quick clay maquette at the end of my stay)... so here are some of my works!

Not all who wander are lost (mostly known as The Big Painting), oil on canvas, 80x40cm
View from the shore of almost unrealistically beautiful Lai Palpuogna. 

Painting sketch, oil on panel, around 25x30cm
On one a bit lazier (and rainier) day I just sat in the garden and painted a wooden fence surrounding Atelier Narasca. That is, I did until rain forced me out (or should I say, in).

Painting sketch, oil on panel, ~20x20cm
First sketch I painted when I got to Surava was from Lai Palpuogna, just like The Big Painting.
I am still dazzled by that place's beauty!

Surava, painting sketch, oil on panel, ~20x35cm
Mountain view juuust outside Surava.
I didn't plan on it, but I think I'll still touch it up a little.

I have one more painting sketch I was just retouching today, so I'll upload it some other time. :)
See ya!