Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I obviously enjoy drawing people most. And I love drawing portraits. That's why most of my freehand doodles are heads floating in space, but that's not the point I'm trying to get across. What I'm trying to say is that a lot of times innocent people become unaware victims of involountary modelling, whether it be at Starbucks or Stockholm's central station.

Sometimes Starbucks are pretty empty, at least on summer mornings, or maybe it's just a Warsaw thing. With no faces sticking around long enough, I just may end up doodling that mutated double-tailed mermaid from Starbucks' logo. (Yes, that fishy lady has two tails in case you haven't noticed before.)

Or some other faces I felt like drawing at the time.

But for better or worse, people will eventually come in the end.
Being interested in animation, I very much enjoy drawing in more stylized, cartoony style.
The following are based off actual people:

But I guess I do have the Florence Academy on the educational part of my CV so sometimes I try to make it more realistic, yet still stylized drawings; and sometimes I try to draw realistically but end up with cartoony anyways. Obviously I've got a lot to study and I can't pretend I don't. ;)

Speaking of school work, I copied two portrait Bargue plates at school during my first year. This is one of them, the unknown woman of Seine.

Sometimes, very rarely, I draw self-portraits. I made following quick (some 20-30 minutes) work yesterday when having an exhausting, very extended (in terms of time - it lasted a couple of hours) anxiety attack and was trying simply anything to refocus my attention.

They say that Photoshop is supposed to make people on the pictures pretty, I think there's something wrong with my version. ಠ_ಠ ;)

Blah, that's a downer way to end a post but I'm out of more pictures that I wanna submit, haha.
I guess good news is that I'm working on two bigger portrait projects - they're nowhere close to being finished yet, but hopefully at some point this winter I'll get them done. :)

Hope you liked it all, see you next time!

Monday, January 16, 2012

A good evening

Mindless, nonetheless enjoyable doodling while watching "Once upon a time" and breeding pokémon to fill that damn pokédex.
If it wasn't for some leftovers from my cold and multiple panic attacks I'd say it was the most relaxed evening (spent alone) that I've had in a long while. But hey, calming pills worked eventually too, so who am I to complain!
Hah, one of the good sides of nobody reading my blog - I can write whatever the hell I want... hehe.

Hopefully I'll wake up healthy tomorrow and then -- back to school getting some serious drawing done!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pencil figure drawings

A few pencil drawings I did last trimester before I took a break from school for a bit. Sorry I'm not really gonna elaborate more on the drawings but I cought a cold and whatever I would write probably wouldn't make much sense anyway. ;)

Pencil on toned paper, 3 hours for each pose.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Classy drawings

...Or should I say, drawings with a classical subject...

Long time no update... but my new scanner arrived two days ago, and after a very rough day yesterday I needed something zen to do, so scanning stuff seemed to be a great option. ;)

Stockholm's Nationalmuseum holds two awesome exhibitions this season - "The Four Seasons" (very cliché, I know, but I still liked it a lot) and a show on the great russian Peredvizhniki. I wish I had a chance to see the latter at least one more time but alas, it closes in a week or so.
I also enjoyed sculptures from their permanent exhibition, it was mostly not so crowded on the day I visited it so I grabbed a stool and treated myself with some drawing (until I felt the need to treat myself with some food).

Sketch of Johan Tobias Sergel's "Queen Sofia Magdalena"

Drawing of Per Hasselberg's "Snöklockan".
Damn, I freaking loved that marble sculpture and I wish I could do it justice with my drawing - I didn't succeed but maybe one day when I become a rich artist (hahaha, get it?? "Rich artist"!) I'll get myself a copy of it and try drawing it again. Sounds like plan to me.
(I was happy for a moment when I found a copy of it outside of Gothenburg's Palm House, unfortunately swedish weather did not do it good... :()

A veery quick sketch (I was hungry, ok?) of a fragment of Francois Rude's "La Marseillaise".

Sketch of Denis Diderot's bust portrait by Jean Antoine Houdon.
I obviously enjoyed discovering all the different plains more than putting them carefully on paper. ;)

I also made a little study of Rembrandt's "Hendrickje at the bath" -- unfortunately I had to return the album to the library before I was able to take it to some more decent stage, but I got a hold of a Rembrandt album to have on my own so I think I'll get back to it at some point.
(Also -- ugh, comparative measurement is haaard...)

That's it for now...
Will post something again soon (and I actually mean it - I have the pictures scanned already)!