Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gesture, gesture!

Time for a new entry! I neglected this blog a little too much. Sorry! But now I'm back and promise to be good better. :)

Last spring I attended a gesture drawing workshop with Glenn Vilppu and I fell in love with it! Gesture drawings, I mean, not Glenn Vilppu -- though he was great. So now whenever I don't know what to draw - gesture drawings come to the rescue. Sucky thing about them is that they're so much freaking harder than they look! lol But they're still incredibly fun.

But well! Here is a compilation of some of my sketches. :) I'm sorry the scans are so crappy - my scanner is small and that sketchbook isn't...

The workshop took place in Visby - Sweden's medieval town - and our models were awesome and posed for us in their clothes they use for Visby's medieval week!

A little action poses now:

(Ah, there's Glenn sitting in a chair, waiting for everybody to get back from our break. :))

Series of 1 minute poses (if I recall correctly):

And some of my doodles from imagination:

Pillows/bags of potatos, I love them!

That would be all for now! Hope you liked!

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