Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick works

I'm finally moved and settled at my usual place! My flat underwent some serious rebuilding so it took a while, but now it's super awesome and I'm loving it. It took a bit of time to get everything in the right place but now I feels comfortable enough for me to stop rearranging stuff and draw! :) Which resulted in two quick pieces done in Photoshop.

First one was a very quick, 1 hour warm-up, a while of which was spent making custom brushes which I never really did before but boy, was I a fool not to!
It was fun drawing a bearded dwarf - especially since it's not something from my usual repertoir of characters :)

The dwarf approves.

I also felt inspired to create a children illustration and I really enjoyed making it! It was the first time actually doing something like that and I think I'm hooked.

Yay, all the colors of the rainbow. ;)

I'm a little ill (common cold in mid-August, gosh) so my mind refuses to come up with anything more to add... sorry!

Anyway, I hope you liked it!

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