Friday, November 2, 2012

Model drawing

Since I've started working at Warsaw's Atelier Foksal this September I've been occasionally sneaking into some of the drawing classes to draw their model. Sometimes I could only attend for a short amount of time because I had to assist in classes taking place at the same time. But I'm always happy to be there no matter how long or short. :)

This wasn't actually in class, I drew this one off one of the sculptures at the Warsaw's National Gallery.
The sculpture is a bust of Antonina Krasińska e Czacka by Antonio d'Este from 1808. Or at least that's what I noted down.
That was a pretty loose and fast warm-up sketch I needed to wrap up quickly because I was needed elsewhere
And this was drawn the same day, after my classes, and I could take more time with it. It also helped that I studied it earlier with the previous sketch. :)

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