Sunday, February 10, 2013

Landscapes and other sketches

Just yesterday I went back from a week long winter art camp with kids from my atelier. It was a lot of fun, full of work and filled with heaps of inspiration. :)

Tempera on paper, around A3 in size.
This was sadly the only landscape from life I was able to paint there. I only  managed to paint for some 40 minutes and even then, I was in our work room with the kids who decided to stay with me after their classes - so I was giving critiques to everyone around me at the same time.
Oil sketch from today.
First time ever painting the outside view from my apartment.  

Oil color study of Monet's study of a Rouen cathedral.
I wish I had something more than a  postcard-sized copy of this while I painted it, would be much easier to  work on it!

Color study in oil.
Heavily inspired by this picture of the Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria.

Pencil sketch

Watercolor sketch loosely based off the previous one
Pencil sketch, a little bit of an experiment between careful shape design vs. loose organic lines.

Only other drawing from life I made (and kept) during last week. A beautiful art nouveau lamp from the palace we were staying at. I wish I worked on the glow effect of it more.

A portrait of a model at the atelier I did some 2 weeks ago. The model was lovely but she certainly didn't care about not moving while posing. Which I guess made it even more intense to draw.

A very quick watercolor study of a small part of a Zorn painting.  Again, I wish I had more than a museum postcard to study it from -- the lady on my version was smaller than one inch in size... Though obviously it didn't stop me! ;)
It's lighter in color in real life.
I am really hoping that soon enough I will be able to work from my studio space and show you all works that I will have spent more than two hours on!
Take care!

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