Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Three hour works

It's been a while!
I've been working quite a bit though. Some works are in progress, some are abandoned (since I'm always hesitant to use the word "finished").

I was thinking about applying to Warsaw's Fine Arts Academy painting program but I kinda dropped the idea for now. I still made a few works that I would have put in the portfolio.
As far as I understand, their requirements are a bit strange. They require huge works. As in, 100x70 cm (or at least 50x70cm) in size. And it's my understanding that they kinda require them to be done within 3 hours time frame, because that's how long their practical exam takes.
Having studied at the FAA, it seems abstract and absurd and simply crazy!
Still, I tried and surprisingly enough... I had fun with it!

50x70cm, charcoal. This took me a bit longer than 3 hours - more like 6 or something...
The paper I used was awfully rough!

50x70cm, acrylics.
It was a second still life I  painted, I started it and then  my friend and I realized we had no paints to mix greens from, really - just yellow ochre and ultramarine that gave a dark, kinda muddy sea green. (I didn't paint with acrylics before, just oils, that's why the shortage of paints). Luckily the next day I stocked us up with what was missing and we managed before the flowers died completely!
50x70cm, acrylics

50x70cm, acrylics
The mask is actually a plaster cast of my face, so one might say this work is kind of a self portrait. But I didn't really strive to achieve the likeness - I mean, come on, it was a 3 hour work. :)

around 30x40cm?, acrylics
Not a portfolio piece - just messing around with paints, creating a very, err, painter-esque self portrait.
I still can't believe how fast acrylics dry up. Compared to oils it's freaking unreal! It definitely helped to keep the work fast and more loose - which I found was surprisingly fine with me. It's definitely easier to paint without unrealistically high expectations about the work I'm about to create -- which is something I'm definitely struggling with. I just need to be careful not to get too lazy now :)

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