Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Snow White

A friend of mine told me she had a dream that she was watching a picture of Snow White that I made in her dream. She asked me if there's a chance she could see it come to reality and I figured, why not? :)
It feels strange though - I made quite a lot of sketches and fiddled around with the idea for a while, but as soon as I scanned the picture to color it I got kind of tired of it and after barely couple of hours I felt like I really just wanna be done with it already. But still, it was nice since it's been a while that I actually made a finished picture. :)

The pose is very very much inspired by Alfons Mucha's "Two standing women" (from his tableaux decoratifs, no. 45).

First I was thinking of a Snow White in a veil.
I also randomly drew her playing some medieval guitar or something, heheh.

I kinda liked the pose but meh, obviously didn't really work for me.

I tried with a profile portrait, but I wanted to come up with something more creative.
I was stuck and clueless, so good thing I got that Mucha album on my shelf, it got me going right away. ;)

Anyway, nice to have it done, nice to have done it.
Tomorrow my boyfriend and I are going for a trip to Stockholm, I hope I'll bring back sketches galore!

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  1. kurcze kobito, dawno nie zaglądałam co u Ciebie, a tu taki progres :D
    Cóż to za wspaniała szkoła do ktorej poszłaś :D Bardzo fajne te akty Ci wychodzą. Jak bede miała kiedyś kase to może też sie zapisze na taki kurs, może do Academy of Angel we Florencji... Polskie Asp to totalna przeciwność techniki i warsztatu (kaszl kaszl).

    Ołóweczek doprowadziłaś do perfekcji :) Życze szcześcia w dalszym rozwoju :D