Friday, January 13, 2012

Classy drawings

...Or should I say, drawings with a classical subject...

Long time no update... but my new scanner arrived two days ago, and after a very rough day yesterday I needed something zen to do, so scanning stuff seemed to be a great option. ;)

Stockholm's Nationalmuseum holds two awesome exhibitions this season - "The Four Seasons" (very cliché, I know, but I still liked it a lot) and a show on the great russian Peredvizhniki. I wish I had a chance to see the latter at least one more time but alas, it closes in a week or so.
I also enjoyed sculptures from their permanent exhibition, it was mostly not so crowded on the day I visited it so I grabbed a stool and treated myself with some drawing (until I felt the need to treat myself with some food).

Sketch of Johan Tobias Sergel's "Queen Sofia Magdalena"

Drawing of Per Hasselberg's "Snöklockan".
Damn, I freaking loved that marble sculpture and I wish I could do it justice with my drawing - I didn't succeed but maybe one day when I become a rich artist (hahaha, get it?? "Rich artist"!) I'll get myself a copy of it and try drawing it again. Sounds like plan to me.
(I was happy for a moment when I found a copy of it outside of Gothenburg's Palm House, unfortunately swedish weather did not do it good... :()

A veery quick sketch (I was hungry, ok?) of a fragment of Francois Rude's "La Marseillaise".

Sketch of Denis Diderot's bust portrait by Jean Antoine Houdon.
I obviously enjoyed discovering all the different plains more than putting them carefully on paper. ;)

I also made a little study of Rembrandt's "Hendrickje at the bath" -- unfortunately I had to return the album to the library before I was able to take it to some more decent stage, but I got a hold of a Rembrandt album to have on my own so I think I'll get back to it at some point.
(Also -- ugh, comparative measurement is haaard...)

That's it for now...
Will post something again soon (and I actually mean it - I have the pictures scanned already)!

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