Friday, March 30, 2012

Red Riding Hood and Rapunzel

Crazy weather in Warsaw today! But I'm cherry picking and forgetting about snow, hail and rain and I'm focusing on the sunny parts of the day. Since it's springtime I've been feeling more energized and I even started drawing some more than just doodles... which is actually very good for my sake, haha. ;)

Well, without further ado... the drawings!

Both are pretty small (around 13x20cm), drawn with pencil. (Or rather, two pencils.)

Red Riding Hood (with a bonus caption in Polish)
Been in my sketchbook for a tad too long and got fuzzy. :( Fuzzier than it originally was, at least.

And Rapunzel which I only finished some two days ago so it didn't yet have a chance to smudge... I didn't put a polish caption there so here you go: ROSZPUNKA ;)
Big thanks to my beloved boyfriend Karl who kept my spirits up and gave me a few tips to make the drawing better! :) :*

That's it for now. I'm hoping to be more consistent with drawing (and blog updates) now that I feel better.
Take care, everybody! :)

PS. Specjalne pozdro dla Grzyba który mi zazdrości blogaska i dlatego by się z niego śmiała jakby o nim pamiętała. :P <3

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  1. jestem zakochana w Roszpunce. boru sosnowy, jakie przepiękne warkocze.