Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Short trip down memory lane

Pencil craze. I decided to re-do a drawing I made back in 2008, which I remember I had a lot of fun with -- I mean, it featured an aquatic creature, a human in high heels and headphones and lots and lots of frills. That's almost all my guilty drawing pleasures in one piece (I'm simple like that).

Pencil on board, 25x40 cm

I had a hard time getting anatomy to the point it didn't hurt to look at just because I couldn't be bothered to find any reference pictures. Pff.  Lesson learned!
And the drawing from over 4 years ago:
Pencil on paper, around 21x29cm
I think it's fun to look at progress pictures, both other artists' as well as my own. Certainly gives perspective!

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