Monday, July 2, 2012

Queen of Hearts

I've been reading on color theory lately and decided to study how it's going to be with a steady, pre-determined palette thanks to gamut masking method on a yurmby wheel. Before this, whenever I drew digital I just dabbed whatever seemed to fit, having indeed made a very primitive color thumbnail but leaving my "color planning" at that... Nevermore! The wheel rules. It was a very good exercise and I'm excited to use it in the future, whether using digital or traditional mediums.

Since it was just a small study I didn't really come up with anything too creative as a subject so I decided to go with my rendition of "Alice in the Wonderland" Queen of Hearts, hence white roses painted ruby red and a vague heart shape out of the rosy collar.

As a loose reference for the face I used a sketch of Johan Tobias Sergel's "Queen Sofia Magdalena" I did at a museum in Stockholm a few months ago.
I am also guilty of using two stock splatter blobs. I am so guilty that I can't even link the source because I just took what google gave me.
I really enjoyed making this drawing and as I mentioned earlier, I'm excited to use this method in my future works!

Note to self: buy roses and learn to draw/paint those little fuckers.


  1. zrobiłam wczoraj kilka zdjęć róż- chciałabyś? <3

    1. Tak, prześlij koniecznie! <3<3 molto amore <3